Thursday, May 6, 2010

In the News & Personal Diet Pill Story

Have you seen this article yet? Health Guru Says He Was Almost Killed by His Own Diet Product

Just another reminder that you need to be careful out there on your quest to better health. I think it is human nature to want to find short cuts to things.  When it comes to health, short cuts seem to carry a lot more risk than benefits in my opinion. This article highlights that even so claimed "Health Gurus" try some really crazy things in their quest for better health.


I have a pretty scary memory from my younger years that has done a good job of keeping me from slipping back into the "short cut" trap. I was about 15 when I went on a diet at the urging of my mother. Let me point out that at the time I was actually in the healthy weight range back then, but my mom was worried I was getting too big. (I'm going to do a post one of these days on the topic of my mom because she has battled with an eating disorder since she was a teen and continues to struggle with it and that has had a pretty big impact on my own relationship with food and body image.)

Anyway, during this diet I snuck into my mom's cabinet where she kept all kinds of diet pills and took a bottle. She had so many different ones in there that I knew she wouldn't even notice a bottle missing. I took them for a couple days the way the bottle prescribed and felt like they were working, so I made the genius choice to take double one morning. BIG MISTAKE!    

I felt pretty weird so I claimed that I was sick and my parents let me stay home from school. I didn't tell them that I had taken the pills because I didn't want to get in trouble for taking them in the first place. They went off to work and I was home alone. I seriously thought that I was going to die. I laid on the floor and felt like my heart was going to burst every time I moved. Luckily, in a few hours I felt normal again. That situation made me swear off diet pills or another other weird concoctions my mom used for weight loss.  

Questions for You:
  • What are your thoughts on the article?
  • Do you have any scary short cut stories?
Quote of the Day: "There is no substitute for hard work." ~ Thomas Alva Edison


  1. About 8 years ago, I found Metabolife. I started taking them regularly. I felt dizzy, heart palpitations and extremely anxious. At one point I thought my heart was going to explode out of my chest. It was at that point that I stopped taking them.

    And then shortly thereafter, a bunch of news stories popped up about women dying from heart attacks because of Metabolife. It really woke me up.

    So now, I try as hard as I can to be as natural as possible about my weight loss.

    Great post! So interesting that a weight-loss trainer guru almost died from his own concoction. Unreal!


    P.S. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! Yours is fabulous! I have added it to my reader! :)

  2. Hi Erica...I have tried everything known to man it seems to lose weight (short of weight loss surgery) and I have found out that only eating better and exercise works. Whether you are a point counter or a calories counter...people need to fill up on healthy foods and burn calories through exercise.


  3. Hey...thanks for stopping by my blog! I am now following yours as well! Hmmmm...I don't have any scary diet pill stories. I actually try to stay clear of most medecine. I have tried a fat burner, but other than that....nothing.

  4. I have actually never tired one of the 'fast' short cuts to losing weight. I can consider myself lucky in that regard I guess.

    I have always held a high disregard for diet short cuts. It just doesn't make sense! Calories in versus calories out does to me!

  5. Been there, done that! Thanks for the lovely comment. This was a great post.

  6. My Mom and I took diet pills when i was a teen. It scares me now to think of the dangers! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  7. What a great post!! I was prescribed Phentermine by my primary care doctor to try and jump start my weight loss. Even though I had apprehensions (PHENTERMINE = Cousin of PHEN PHEN) I took them. About a month later I suffered a mini stroke...something that the doctors think might have been related to the medication. NO MORE pills for me!! I'm doing this the old fashioned way.

  8. What a great post - thanks for sharing! It is so true that there are no shortcuts to weight loss, and this article also points out something that most consumers don't know - dietary supplements and 'nutrition powders' are NOT, I repeat, NOT regulated by the FDA in the same way that pharmaceuticals are monitored. This means that you never know what you're getting - the label claim can mean almost anything! Yet another reason to lose weight the old fashioned way: eat less, move more.

    Keep up the great work Kathy - love reading your blog and congrats on getting your ACE certification! I look forward to hearing all about your new career :)


  9. Erica, I'm so sorry - I just realized I got your name wrong in my earlier comment! Many, many apologies!!!!

  10. The shirt says it all:

    No Shortcuts to Greatness....Damn!!

  11. Your lucky you didn't die - and I agree - there are no short cuts, just hard work and determination!

    BTW, did you know that Jenn at slim-shoppin who did your weight loss success story is my twin sister?

    Have a great weekend!!

  12. I agree no shortcuts!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and a MAJOR congrats on your weight loss!!!

  13. Holy SHIT. Sorry for the language, but 1 million IU vitamin D???!!! I can't believe that. Oh wait, yes I can, supplements are scary stuff, you never know what you are going to get.

    I am looking forward to reading your story about your mother. While it sounds sad, I'm sure many people will learn from it. I'm sorry to hear she is still struggling with the disorder, but the good thing is you are very lucky to have turned out how you did. I mean I know you took the pills, but many women with EDs have daughters with severe EDs as well. And look at you, you're out educating others and being a role model!

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