Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Weight Loss Expectations Study

Happy Hump Day everyone!

Look at me posting 3 days in a row. I am enjoying getting back into the swing of things with blogging again. I have a few new followers (hi everyone!) and have been getting more comments which is nice to see.

Yesterday was a good day for me. Like I posted yesterday I got in a bike ride. Even though it was on my trainer, it was nice to ride again. I ended up doing 30 mins of high intensity intervals instead of the 45 min stead ride. I was feeling strong so that’s why I went with the intervals. Looks like it might be warm enough to get a ride in on Friday so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Did you guys catch the article I tweeted about yesterday afternoon? Check out the article here .If you missed my tweet because you don’t follow me yet click here to follow.  I thought I would share with you my thoughts and what my experience has been like.

I first thought after I finished reading was this is exactly why I focused on bettering my health as a whole instead of just focusing weight loss. Sure, I lost 100lbs in the last couple of years, but was a result of some of the changes I made to better my health. Health to me is physical, mental, and emotional, basically every aspect of your life that affects how you live. If my journey was just focused on weight loss then I wouldn’t still be making changes. If this was just about weight loss then essentially my journey ended back in October when I started to work on weight maintenance. My journey will continue for everyday for the rest of my life and I am dedicated to working through any of the challenges that come my way long the way.

When I embarked on my journey back in January of 2007, I didn’t have these big expectations that weight loss would instantly make everything in my life better. Sure, in the past I had those expectations, and each time I did, I ultimately failed to make lasting changes.  All I was looking to do was to change my health status from high risk to one where I was healthy and I could stop worrying that I was going to drop dead at any moment. I knew if I wanted to be happy with my life I had to look at all aspects of my life not just what my body looked like. I have a strong belief that my weight problem was a symptom of something emotional and realized that once I was able to address that and learn new ways to cope with what ever it was that the weight issue would resolve itself. Never did I imagine I would get to where I am now, but I am so thankful for the fact I saved my own life. As my dad says to me all the time “You did yourself the biggest favor”.

Something I noticed in the article was that the study focused on those who had weight loss surgery. I have some really strong feelings about this method of weight loss, and maybe someday I’ll share them. But anyway, they said that they felt the study findings could also be applied to those who lost weight through diet and exercise as well. I would be interested to see what the real results would be if they conducted the study on those who lost in through diet and exercise, especially from individuals who focused on overall health changes. I know my results are different from what they found, but I think my difference is that my weight loss portion of my journey was slow and not my main focus and I also took the opportunity to address some important emotional components of my life during that time.

Questions for you:
  • What are your thoughts on the article?
  • If you have reached your goal weight, do you feel your expectations match your current reality?
  • If you are on your journey, what expectations do you have?

Quote of the Day: 
“What is destructive is impatience, haste, expecting too much too fast.” ~ May Sarton


  1. This is a great article post! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the comment girl.
    I have heard putting a timeline on your weightloss isn't good, but I really thought I'd be well over that amount by then...
    oh well.
    Slow and steady wins the race!

    Congrats to you on your weightloss as well! 100 pounds is amazing!
    You rock!

  3. OMG! This article should seriously be mandatory reading for everyone who is on a journey. I think what happens is overweight people see thinner people getting attention from others and they are a lot of times missing out on that piece of life.

    Attention does not equal happiness people. The grass is always greener. We each must accept ourselves as worthy of a fufilled life no matter what our state.

    I read a blog yesterday where a the person noticed they ALWAYS looked down. She challenged herself to look up at people, stand up straight, and be proud to be a part of her world.

    So many of the problems with obesity stem from emotional distress of some kind. I know I am absolutely an emotional eater. I lack confidence in almost everything I do even though I know Im pretty good at a lot of things!

    It all starts with emotional well being...

    LOL sorry girl! Im going on a tangent.

    Great post!


  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! :) I like yours as well!

    Great article - definitely rings true that it doesn't solve your problems, just makes you smaller. I know when I sought out to lose weight it wasn't just to get to a number - it was to be more active, more healthy and more strong. As I started the blog it became more about being more happy, not from the weight loss, but from finding new hobbies like cooking and old hobbies like reading. GREAT POST - really makes you think...

  5. Hey Hey! thank you for stopping in and commenting! I can't wait to read more.


  6. Hi Erica! Thank you for stopping by my blog. You have done such an amazing job with your weight loss and getting fit! So inspirational! Glad to "meet" you and thank you for sharing such good advice.

  7. Thank you for stopping by! I think people assume once you are thin that life will be all roses. It really is being happy with yourself and loving yourself even when you are bigger. Being thin does not make problems go away.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog!

  8. Interesting, a friend sent that article to me a couple of days ago and I will probably write a post about it as well. I noticed the same thing on the weight loss surgery angle, I wonder if people who have surgery have different expectations and that is why they focused on them. I am also happy I chose to focus on my health, I did not expect everything to get better in my life and it hasn't but I can chase my dogs around and hopefully some day children, that part is definitely better.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  9. Thanks for the nice comments on my blog.

    You have accomplished a lot, not only with weight loss, but like you said, with the emotional, physical and healthy eating. I look at it that way, too. In fact, it's not really about the food, that is minor. It's mostly mental.
    And now, you are a personal trainer... wow!

  10. Thanks for stopping by and urging me to read this! I am glad I did. Yes, I have my opinions on weight loss surgery too. My thoughts this time around has been to deal with the mental first, but I am seeing some of that as an excuse too. I have to deal with it all, exercise, weight and mental at the same time. I will be stopping by a lot...Nice to "meet" you

  11. I've been meaning to read this post for a week! Great article and I can totally relate. I'm almost to my second goal; I'm 3 pounds from losing 50. While I should be happy with all the hard work I've been doing, the reality is it's bitter sweet. Bitter in the fact I think I should have lost more by now, and sweet because of how much healthier, stronger and knowledgeable I am. All in all, it's part of the journey, and it's not when I get there, it's how I get there!