Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some Days I Still Struggle – Tips for Getting Through the Tough Days

Yup it’s true there are days I still struggle when it comes to staying on track with my healthy lifestyle.  There are days, where I wake up and don’t want to workout so I skip it because I’m tired and there are days where I indulge in some not so healthy food choices. The good thing is that days like that don’t occur too often, but they do happen, and I know they will continue to happen.  Below are some tips for getting through the tough days so that you can continue on your path to better health.

Drop the Restart Mentality
This one is so familiar to most people. The Restart Mentality aka the “Well I blew it for the day so I will forget about making healthy choices and I will restart tomorrow, next Monday, next week.”  Before you know it every day is a “I blew it” day and you never get back to restarting. Ok so you ate a cookie, a big meal, or skipped your workout. This should not mean that the next choice you make for the day shouldn’t be healthy.

Take a Break from the High Intensity Workout
Feeling like skipping that workout because you are feeling really tired and unmotivated? Assess what your workout schedule has been like lately. If it has been super full and you have been really pushing yourself lately feeling tired and unmotivated might be a clue that you need to take a rest day.  A rest day can still include activity, just tone down the intensity. For me, this translates into going for a walk instead of the high intensity intervals on my bike.

Assess Your Emotions
I have a huge connection between wanting to eat unhealthy and my emotional state. Taking the time to stop and assess what really is going on with my emotional health helps a lot. Once I figure out what is bothering me and come up with a plan to manage it those pesky “I want to eat crap” cravings disappear.

Reach Out For Support
When I’m having a particularly challenging day with staying on track reaching out for support is extremely helpful. I talk to my partner, a friend, of even hit up online message boards. Just the act of sharing I’m struggling can be very therapeutic.

Evaluate Your Goals
Are your goals realistic? Are you pushing yourself to make too many changes all at once? I know for me, when I set the bar too high or put unrealistic time limits on goals, I start to rebel and that leads to struggle. So when I am struggling, I make sure I check over the goals I have set and adjust them so they stop causing the rebellion. Sometimes that means putting a goal or two on the back burner until I have accomplished some of the other ones.

Quote of the Day: “There is no challenge more challenging than the challenge to improve yourself.” ~ Michael F. Staley


  1. This is a very interesting blog and so i like to visit your blog again and again. Keep it up.


  2. Great suggestions Erica. I especially love the one about taking a break from high intensity workouts. IN fact, that's what I did yesterday (not that any of my workouts are really HIGH intensity). I got home from work and didn't feel like working out AT ALL. Instead of doing nothing, I went for a 20 minute jog and then did some pilates. It was great, just what I needed.

    Number one is also important. Many people tell me they make mistakes and then blow it for the day. It's the "all or nothing mentality". Not good!

  3. Great advice!

    Hey, I just noticed we almost have the same blog header photos. Now if I could only copy you on the 100 pound weight loss. ;)

  4. Hi there - thanks for the nice comment on my blog. & great post today - perfect timing. I'm joining your site - great job on the maintenance!

  5. Great suggestions Erica. Sometimes a little attitude adjustment is in order. Just like the quote mentioned, it is hard to improve ourselves. We are hard on ourselves and when we mess up it can be easy to throw in the towel rather than see it as an opportunity to re-evaluate.