Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dreaming about Biking...What does that Mean?

Happy Tuesday everyone!

So last night I had a dream that is what inspired me to write this post today. In this dream, I was riding my bike for a large majority of it. What was so important for me was how I felt when I woke up.  I woke up so full of happiness and felt very energized.  Ok so why is that blog worthy? Keep reading I swear I have a point…ha ha ha.


Let me give some background information about biking and it’s relation to my health journey. About a year into my journey I was in search of a workout that I would love. Up until that point I was doing a lot of walking and doing a couple of beginner workout DVD’s. That was fun but I wasn’t feeling as challenged by it anymore and honestly was getting a little bored with it. It was mid-February and I was in a sporting goods store looking at treadmills and stationary bikes.   I realized that I really did not have any room for this type of equipment in my apartment.  The section with bike equipment was right next to the section where all this equipment was. That is when I got the idea of getting an indoor trainer to attach to the bike I already owned.  I was storing my bike outside, and the poor thing had hardly seen any riding action in the 4 years I had it. The plan was that I would bring in the bike when I wanted to use it and then put it back out when I was done, that way I wasn’t taking up a bunch of room in my apartment.  Funny thing once biking became more incorporated into my workout routine the bike found a permanent place in my living room.  Buying that trainer changed my life. I spent the first couple months using it, while I was waiting for the weather to get warmer.  Once summer arrived I was going out on rides everyday.  I found my passion for biking and loved every minute I was out on it. It made me feel more in touch with the world around me, and took me back to the days of my childhood when I would ride my bike.  My trainer now serves as my winter conditioning tool so I can maintain what I gain in the summer months.

Me on My Trainer

Three weeks ago I made the decision to take a break from riding on the trainer because I was getting a little bored with it. Riding on the trainer just isn’t as much fun to me as being outside.  I got a couple of outside rides already this spring, but then the weather got a little cooler again so I was forced back onto the trainer.  I workout in the morning and honestly when it is only in the low 40’s riding outside is just too unbearable because I can’t feel my hands or my face after a few minutes. So I told myself that I would take a break from biking until I can start riding outside consistently. I switched my workouts to using my Wii Active games, and broke out some new DVD’s I got at Christmas. I have been enjoying the new workouts because they are different and challenging me in different ways.

Anyway, so I had the dream last night and it made me realize that I am missing biking A LOT. With that being said I know it is time I get back to it. Plan will be to work it in when I miss it until the weather changes. Once the weather changes and I can ride outside I know that I’ll be out riding 6 days a week again.

Point of the whole story: Your body has many ways of telling you what it needs or wants. It is up to you to recognize what it is saying and then to listen to it. See I told you I had a point!

Well it’s time for me to get to my workout for the day. On the agenda: 45 min trainer ride!

Quote of the Day: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” ~ Henry David Thoreau


  1. It is my DREAM to be able to get back to bike riding. I used to LOVE to ride my bike when I was a kid. Over the last few weeks, I have made a secret goal that I am going to buy a bike and start riding again. My ex-husband is a cycling addict, and has told me he will help me get a bike when I am ready!

  2. You just reminded me that I need to get my bike up from our basement - the tires are probably all flat - but I agree with you - when you bike outside and feel the wind on your face and hear the birds singing -nothing makes you feel more alive! :D

  3. I want to be able to ride a bike so bad. I am on the hunt for a used one. I bet it feels great to get outside and just ride..

  4. I did some riding while I was recovering from my broken toe. It was a really nice change of pace. Having constant new scenery really breaks up the boredom factor.

  5. Such a beautiful post, and a wonderfully inspiring blog! I love how you describe listening to your body's cravings for particular forms of fitness - it's true, some days I feel like running, some days I feel like biking, etc, and if I fight what I feel and try to do something else it just doesn't go well! :-)