Monday, February 1, 2010

Week #18 Injuries & Emergencies & Personal Health Issue

Well happy Monday everyone! So before I get into some personal health issues I’m going to get my To Do List out of the way.

Week # 18: Injuries & Emergencies
•    Manual: Pages 427-460
•    Workbook: Pages 133-143
•    Master the Manual: 105-119
•    Audio: Chapters 16 & 17
•    Flashcards: Chapters 16 & 17
•    Online Review Quiz: Chapters 16-17

So this week has two chapters which means there is a bit more work to be done. Should be no sweat since that last few weeks I am normally done the new work for the week by Thursday.  I have quite a bit on my plate with work this week so I’m going to be a busy girl fitting my studying in, especially since I will be working on Saturday again for half a day.  Going to just have to stick to my schedule and realize I don’t have as much wiggle room as I normally do.

Last week I was a little disappointed cause I only got an 82% on my review quiz. I missed 3 questions and all of them are ones that I debated between the right answer and the one I picked. I need to figure out a strategy on how to pick the best answers because it seems all of the ones I miss are ones that I debate like this. If you have any ideas please let me know.  This week I have a review quiz again and my goal is the same as it has been so I’ll be shooting for a 90% or better. Wish me luck!

Ok so now to my personal health issue….
So for the past few weeks I started to notice my heart was skipping around a bit. I didn’t really pay too much attention to it at first but last week I got scared when I got some chest pain when I was working out.  I also had a couple of other things going on that were concerning too, like when I stand up from sitting or laying down I almost pass out or get dizzy, and my feet get super cold and then really hot a few hours later.

Anyway, even though I hate going to the doctors, I made an appointment. They ran an EKG and saw I have a sinus arrhythmia, and a low resting heart rate. I also had low blood pressure. Doctor told me since I basically train like a competitive athlete, that it was likely the cause and that it wasn’t anything to worry about.  He told me that I likely was feeling the chest pain out of anxiety because I had become aware of my heart was beating irregular sometimes. We talked about my nutrition and he thought maybe I should replace some of the water I drink with electrolyte drinks because of my level of activity. He thought that might help bring my blood pressure up slightly since it would add a bit more salt to my diet.  He also told me to try to make sure I get up slowly to avoid feeling dizzy. Anyway, he told me to come back in two weeks if I was still feeling the chest pain. So off I went and picked up some Gatorade (the low sugar kind, which I have to say is quite tasty), and headed home.  End of problem right….um nope it gets more complicated here in a minute.

So the next day I felt a little better.  I was drinking the Gatorade, and getting up slowly. I worked out with no chest pains. I had a little pain throughout the day, but realized that when I felt it was when I was noticing my heart was jumping around.  So I thought that everything was fine.

The next day was Friday and this is where things started to happen that made me realize that may not be the case.  I was good until about 10am and then all of a sudden I had a bunch of weird things happening. I started to get really breathless anytime I was talking, I have several times where I would be in the middle of a conversation and I would completely forget what I was talking about, I got really fatigued, I would get dizzy every time I stood even though I was doing it slowly, and my appetite totally disappeared.  So after lunch, I called the doctor’s office and described what was going on. They relayed the message to the doctor and he had the nurse call me back and tell me to go to the Emergency Room because he thought I might be having blood clots traveling to my lungs.

So I go to the ER. I’m going to leave out my rant about them making my partner leave while the doctor was with me because I’m sure none of you want to read that LOL! Anyway, they run some tests and determine that there are no clots going to my lungs.  They had me hooked up to a heart rate monitor while we waited for the blood tests and my chest x-ray to come back. The doctor was sure I wasn’t in any immediate danger so he released me but was putting a call into a cardiologist to get me an appointment to be put on a Holter monitor and to get an echocardiogram.  He said I could continue to workout if I felt like it but to stop if I had any chest pain while doing it.  He told me that I should expect a call on Monday and he sent me on my way.

 Saturday was a total wash for me as far as being productive. I felt just like I did Friday and since I was off I spent a lot of time just resting and not feeling like doing anything. Then on Sunday I wake up and feel fine again.  What the heck right? This morning I got up and felt ok too.  Then around lunch time I started to feel weird again and had a lot of the symptoms I had on Friday and Saturday. When I came home from work I had to lie down and take a nap because I was so tired. After my nap I got up and made myself eat, and then I felt fine again. I still have to be careful about getting up and my feet are freezing again but other than that I feel normal.

As far as working out I’m a bit scared too do anything too intense until I know what is going on. So I have stopped my bike training for now. I’m sticking to a walking program, some yoga, and light weight training but only when I don’t feel totally wiped out.  I know when I feel alright it would drive me nuts to be totally inactive. The walking thing is kind of a nice change of pace and even though it is freezing out it was nice to see the sun rise this morning.

I have the appointment to get the Holter monitor on tomorrow and then next week I have my follow up visit. So hopefully by then they can figure out what the heck is wrong with me.  I’ll keep you updated as I find out more.

Anyway I need to get off here and get some study time in before I have my staff meeting tonight at 9:15pm. Hope you all have a great week!

Quote of the Day: "Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it." ~ Greg Anderson


  1. Oh goodness. Well I hope they figure out what the heck is going on! I'll admit, when I read the first part of this post, the doctors "answer to your problems" sounded sort of typical. "ohh, it's probably just because you are more active now..yadda yadda". I hope they actually put their minds to work and figure out the REAL issue, if there is one. AND, what a bummer about them making your partner leave. Come on, this is 2010, not 1950, live with it people! And stop being so narrow minded.

  2. :( So sorry to hear about this! I know Taurine is great for stabilizing heart rate. And if you are looking for a natural electrolyte drink, try coconut water...Gatorade's got a lot of fake stuff in it. Best of luck.

    BODA weight loss

  3. It must be really difficult not knowing for sure what is happening. Thinking lots of positive thoughts for you.