Monday, January 18, 2010

Week #16: Communication & Teaching

Good evening everyone! Well today has been a great day mood wise for me. I think it might have to do with the fact it’s been much warmer and the sun was shining brightly all day long.  Even though I know it likely won’t last for long it is a nice break from the normal blah winter weather we get.  Well it is Monday, so we all know what that means…To Do list time!

Week #16- Communication and Teaching
•    Manual: Pages 389-407
•    Workbook: Pages 121-123
•    Master the Manual: Pages 95-100
•    Audio: Chapter 14
•    Flashcards: Chapter 14

Well like I report most weeks studying is going quite well. Most weeks I have at least one full day where I get a chance to do an overall review of everything.  I’m feeling pretty good overall about the material, which is good because it won’t be too much longer until I’m taking the test.  I looked into scheduling my test and I have two dates in March I’m debating on. My goal is to make a choice and schedule it by next week.

So some other related news. Over the weekend I got my CPR/AED certification! It is a requirement to have that current when you take the Personal Training Certification. So now I’m all set with that. I spent Saturday completing the training and test. Included was also basic first aid, which now I’m certified with that for the next three years. My CPR/AED certification will have to be renewed yearly.  Now that I have it I can register for my PT test.

Other than that nothing too exciting has been going on with me. I was really sick last week with the worst stomach flu I have had in over ten years. I am so glad that is over. My partner, Gina, did the greatest thing for me while I was sick. I asked her to pick up some staples for me like soup and Gatorade. I only asked for grape flavor for the Gatorade and she took it upon herself to get me the lower sugar kind. I didn’t even ask she just did it! I was really impressed because that shows to me that not only does she know my health goals she also pays attention on the strategies I employ to reach them.  She’s the greatest!

Well I only have a couple hours of free time before I have to head to my staff meeting with my staff so I should make good use of it and get some relaxing in. Hope you all have a great week!

Quote of the Day: “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. “ ~ Helen Keller


  1. You are lucky you have a supportive partner who will support you with your weight loss, and overall healthy lifestyle efforts. I find that when I consult with people and they don't have good support at home, it really makes a HUGE difference (in a not so good way).

    I loved your breakfast and pre-workout snacks you mentioned on my blog. I always eat a BIG breakfast before my morning workouts too, and I never understand those people who say they don't eat before they workout in the morning. I couldn't do it, nor would I even if I could!

  2. Gina:

    I agree that support at home makes a huge difference. Throughout my journey I have dated several different people and some where not so supportive and some were even down right doing things that made it really hard for me to stay focused. It was a large reason those relationships ultimatly failed.

    Glad you liked my snacks I mentioned. Yeah I don't understand those who don't eat before working out in the morning.

  3. Sounds like your move to become a trainer is getting closer and closer to becoming reality. You must be really excited. I'm glad you have someone wonderful to support and care for you. I'm sure you do the same for her. All the best with your studies. I look forward to hearing more about what your certification exam is like.

  4. i love your quote of the day -- so true!

    also agree that support makes all the difference -- i thank god every day for my amazing husband! so glad you have someone so great to count on ;)

  5. Congrats on the certification, and also glad to hear about the sun and the good mood.

    And I SO agree about how helpful a supportive partner can be!