Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yikes it's Tuesday!

Yikes it is already Tuesday which means I missed posting my Monday To Do list!

Anyway there is a good reason, and that is because I’m extending last week’s list to this week. The reason why? Well first off my brain is struggling to retain all this information about muscles. Second, last week was a bit crazy for me. I was sick for a couple days which resulted in me missing some work and then I injured my ankle. I’ll talk about my ankle a little later. Like I just mentioned I’m having trouble retaining the information about muscles. Some of it is sticking but let me just tell you there are a whole crap load of muscles that come into play for motion of the body. So as Sunday wrapped up I made the choice to stay on this material for at least the next week. Considering knowing muscles is important to the whole exercise program planning thing I really want to make sure I have a good grasp on it before I move forward.

 At first I was a little disappointed in myself for not being ready to move forward but after a nice little talk with myself about how the only deadline that is on me is the one’s I’m setting for myself I got over that.  I tend to drive myself hard so I get a little down on myself when I can’t meet an expectation I have set for myself.  I look at it this way, I am still making progress as long as I keep studying and it’s not like I just blew off the week’s assignments. Life happened and that is ok.

So onto my ankle. Well if you remember last week I pulled my calf muscle on the right leg because I was pushing myself too hard. Well I pushed myself to workout with it sore. Granted I dropped the intensity, but I still pushed myself to workout when I had an injury to my calf. So what happened? Well my left leg had to compensate for the right calf and it resulted in me pulling something in my left ankle.  I pulled it so bad that I could hardly walk for a couple days.  After all of that pain I made the choice to take at least the next week off from doing anything exercise related that uses my legs.  For several days I followed the RICE treatment. Meaning rest, ice, compression, and elevation. I also invested in an ankle brace and I have been wearing it constantly. I don’t have any pain anymore but the ankle feels unsteady so I will be wearing the brace for a while.  When I start working out on it again I’m going to start slow and I will be wearing the brace.  I’ll be honest this taking some time off is making me a little crazy. I really miss getting my sweat on and already feel like it is affecting my daily energy levels.

This whole ankle thing is teaching me a lot. First, I realize I really need to start listening to my body instead of trying to workout in pain. I know why I had been doing that though. I have that fear that if I miss a workout I will just stop working out all together which then I have the fear would lead to me gaining all the weight back and loose all the progress I have made with my fitness level.  I’m pretty sure the reason I got sick last week is because I was overworking myself too much lately and I ran my body into the ground. The other thing that it has taught me is that if I want to be a good Personal Trainer I need to be a better role model by taking care of injuries correctly, and not overworking myself. 

Well I should get going and get this day on track. I leave you with the following questions.

For those of you who have studied Anatomy, what things did you do to retain information about the names, insertions, and origins?

Have you ever gotten injured but ignored the signs and kept going until you injured yourself even more?

When you have to take some time off from working out because of an injury does it make you crazy?

Quote of the day:
“Sometimes the most urgent and vital thing you can possibly do is take a complete rest.” ~ Ashleigh Brilliant

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  1. My best advice is to lay low for a few days, and do some exercises that don't involved your ankle (lift some weights! or ride the exercise bike). I have over-worked an injury before and lived to regret it. I hope it gets better!