Monday, October 19, 2009

Week #4: To Do List, The Positives about Studying, & Ouch my Calf!

Wow this is a pretty late Monday post for me. There are several reasons but they aren’t too interesting so I’ll save you from them this time.  As always Monday’s post includes my To Do List for studying so let’s get that out of the way first.

Week #4: Human Anatomy Part #2 – Oct 19th-25th
•    Manual – Pages 45-63 - Rest of Chapter 2
•    Workbook – Pages 29-31 – Rest of Chapter 2
•    Master the Manual – Pages 9-20
•    Anatomy Book – Pages 35-171 & 200-213
•    Anatomy DVD
•    Audio – Chapter 2
•    Flash cards – Chapter 2

Yikes I got a lot of reading to do this week! This by far will be my most challenging week to get everything done.  Considering that right before I got to writing this post I was finishing up the last little bit of last week’s material by taking some quizzes on the different bones in the body I have a feeling that I’m likely going to have to extend this week’s To Do further than originally planned.  I’m not going to make that decision until I see where I am with things by mid week. If I got to extend this week I’ll be ok with that considering there is a lot of new material in this section that I have never been exposed to. I would rather add additional time then to end up missing questions on the certification test because I rushed.

Well as far as the first part of Human Anatomy it went pretty well. It was challenging the first read through of the material but after I went back and reviewed it a bit I feel like I got a handle on it. I know that I’m going to want to review it throughout my studying because I really want it to stick. Not too worried though cause there will be opportunities for me to test my comprehensive knowledge throughout my studying with the online study review quizzes. They are like mini-tests that combined a couple of chapters together.

I have to say this I’m starting to realize some changes I have made in my schedule that are things I have always wanted to try to do. The first one is that I admit that I watch way too much TV and now I’m watching a lot less, which is good. I still watch some but there is way less time with me just sitting here after work vegging out.  Prior to me starting this most nights during the week were spent staring at TV watching a lot of crap that I didn’t even care to just cause I didn’t have much else to do.

Another thing I like is that I actually feel like I’m being productive in my personal life other than just working out.  Now I am not knocking working out because I love it but I think it’s good that I feel like I’m accomplishing more than just physical gains in my strength.  Now my brain is getting a chance to make some gains as well. Having a structured program I’m following that allows me to test my knowledge retention has been good for me. I have been out of school for about 8 ½ years now and I didn’t realize how much I missed the structure of learning like this. Now that’s not to say I haven’t been learning in those 8 ½ years, but I haven’t had anything where my knowledge gets tested formally.  Since finishing school I have debated about going back for a Master’s several times but honestly the idea of getting back into a classroom doesn’t really appeal to me. I think that doing this Personal Training Certificate Study Program is just what I desired though because I do it on my own, at my own pace, and I don’t have all the unnecessary busy work that professors just love to assign.

 Something else that I have realized is that I’m procrastinating way less with things because I want to have time to study and not be stressed that I have something else I need to get done before I can get focused. This is huge for me because I swear if it is not work related I will procrastinate on it until the last second.  At work I will procrastinate occasionally but if it is something personal I will wait till the last possible second normally.

Ok switching gears a little bit now. So guess who is injured? Oh yeah that would be me! I pulled my calf muscle when I was doing my Wii Active workout this morning. Oh I failed to mention I have been doing the hard level the last couple workouts so I’m thinking I just bumped the intensity a little too soon.  I was in the middle and all of a sudden I got this strong tightness in my right calf. And what did I do? Oh yeah I kept going until I finished the workout. Yeah I’m an idiot sometimes!  Anyway, I’m going to take good care of it until it feels better.  Reminder to self: YOU ARE NOT SUPERWOMAN! It’s ok to work up to a higher level gradually.

Well I’m going to get going. It’s snack time and then there is some laundry calling my name to go fold it.

Quote of the day:
If you don't do what's best for your body, you're the one who comes up on the short end. ~ Julius Erving

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