Monday, October 5, 2009

Week # 2 – To Do Study Plan List/Happy Birthday to Me

Good morning everyone! Well it’s Monday so that means To Do list for the week posting. So let’s get to that.

Week #2: Oct 5th – Oct 11th: Chapter #1 Exercise Physiology
• Manual – Chapter #1: Pages 1-27
• Workbook – Pages 9-18
• Master the Manual – Pages 1-8
• Audio – Chapter #1
• Flashcards – Chapter #1
• Online Review – Chapter # 1

So as you can see I’m actually getting into the material this week. Last week was just reading of the introductions to the different materials as well as the ACE Code of Ethics. I’m pretty sure I got the Code of Ethics down. I had made some flashcards so that I could review it and get it to stick. It also will be easier for me to review it with them.

I have to confess I already read Chapter # 1 yesterday. I had some time on my hands so I figured I would put good use to it, especially since next weekend I have plans on Sunday and won’t get a chance to get much studying in on that day. So my impression of Chapter #1 is it really went into detail about the science behind how cardio, strength training, and flexibility training effects the body. I found it very interesting, but I always loved science in school so that isn’t so surprising to me. I am glad this study course includes the workbook and other study materials because it gives me some really good tools for me to retain the information. For the rest of the week I’ll concentrate on using those tools to retain everything I read yesterday.

As you see from the title today is my birthday. I’m 31 years young today! I’m one of the older people in my friend circle so I’m getting lots of teasing about being old. My favorite being that now I’m on the down hill to 40. Ha Ha! You know, I find it funny that I get teased because honestly I feel younger now than I did when I turned 21. Because my health is in such a better place compared to then I am in a better place physically, mentally, and emotionally. The most ironic thing is that I might be the older one of the group but my health is better than all of those who are younger than me, so if I had to guess I feel younger than any of them.

Well I took the next two days off to enjoy some personal time for my birthday. My partner G is off from work so we will get the next two days of some quality time together. G is also cooking dinner tonight and we are having some friends over to celebrate. G doesn’t really cook too often and she is nervous about it but I told her she doesn’t need to worry because I’m going to be right here if she needs to ask questions. She has a recipe to follow so I think she will be fine without my assistance. She always claims she can’t cook but I think it’s just that she doesn’t have the confidence because she just doesn’t do it too often. Every other time she has prepared a meal for us it has turned out well so I have no worries about tonight. Now that we are living together I think she is going to learn more cooking because she sees me making meals all the time.

So what’s on the menu for tonight you ask? Flank steak in a tomato sauce with roasted potatoes, some steamed broccoli, and of course some birthday cake. My friends that are coming over are bringing the cake. I’m looking forward to enjoying some good food and good company for my birthday. And you better believe I’m having some of that cake! That’s one thing I have done throughout my whole journey to better health, which is I do allow myself to have some treats. I have been pretty good about managing how often I allow treats in my food plan. I follow a 90-10 principle, meaning I try to eat clean about 90% of the time. Now that I’m in maintenance I plan on still following this principle because I know that eating clean isn’t just about weight loss but it’s about keeping me healthy.

Anyway I’m going to get going so I can enjoy the day. Hope you all had a great weekend.

Quote of the day:

“Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest. “ ~ Larry Lorenzoni


  1. I hope you have a fabulous birthday! And enjoy some yummy eats!

    I am so jealous! I can't wait to get the Nasm certificate =( . Chapter one sounds pretty interesting...I am going to check out ACE's website when I get to work. I actually have an old textbook of theirs...maybe I will crack it open to get a head start =)

  2. Haha, Love the quote!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sounds like G is going to make a n amazing meal. I had flank steak with tomatoes last night, it was excellent, I'm sure hers will be fantastic too :) She needs to have some cooking confidence!
    Be sure to take a picture of the cake, I love looking at cakes!