Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yikes it's Tuesday!

Yikes it is already Tuesday which means I missed posting my Monday To Do list!

Anyway there is a good reason, and that is because I’m extending last week’s list to this week. The reason why? Well first off my brain is struggling to retain all this information about muscles. Second, last week was a bit crazy for me. I was sick for a couple days which resulted in me missing some work and then I injured my ankle. I’ll talk about my ankle a little later. Like I just mentioned I’m having trouble retaining the information about muscles. Some of it is sticking but let me just tell you there are a whole crap load of muscles that come into play for motion of the body. So as Sunday wrapped up I made the choice to stay on this material for at least the next week. Considering knowing muscles is important to the whole exercise program planning thing I really want to make sure I have a good grasp on it before I move forward.

 At first I was a little disappointed in myself for not being ready to move forward but after a nice little talk with myself about how the only deadline that is on me is the one’s I’m setting for myself I got over that.  I tend to drive myself hard so I get a little down on myself when I can’t meet an expectation I have set for myself.  I look at it this way, I am still making progress as long as I keep studying and it’s not like I just blew off the week’s assignments. Life happened and that is ok.

So onto my ankle. Well if you remember last week I pulled my calf muscle on the right leg because I was pushing myself too hard. Well I pushed myself to workout with it sore. Granted I dropped the intensity, but I still pushed myself to workout when I had an injury to my calf. So what happened? Well my left leg had to compensate for the right calf and it resulted in me pulling something in my left ankle.  I pulled it so bad that I could hardly walk for a couple days.  After all of that pain I made the choice to take at least the next week off from doing anything exercise related that uses my legs.  For several days I followed the RICE treatment. Meaning rest, ice, compression, and elevation. I also invested in an ankle brace and I have been wearing it constantly. I don’t have any pain anymore but the ankle feels unsteady so I will be wearing the brace for a while.  When I start working out on it again I’m going to start slow and I will be wearing the brace.  I’ll be honest this taking some time off is making me a little crazy. I really miss getting my sweat on and already feel like it is affecting my daily energy levels.

This whole ankle thing is teaching me a lot. First, I realize I really need to start listening to my body instead of trying to workout in pain. I know why I had been doing that though. I have that fear that if I miss a workout I will just stop working out all together which then I have the fear would lead to me gaining all the weight back and loose all the progress I have made with my fitness level.  I’m pretty sure the reason I got sick last week is because I was overworking myself too much lately and I ran my body into the ground. The other thing that it has taught me is that if I want to be a good Personal Trainer I need to be a better role model by taking care of injuries correctly, and not overworking myself. 

Well I should get going and get this day on track. I leave you with the following questions.

For those of you who have studied Anatomy, what things did you do to retain information about the names, insertions, and origins?

Have you ever gotten injured but ignored the signs and kept going until you injured yourself even more?

When you have to take some time off from working out because of an injury does it make you crazy?

Quote of the day:
“Sometimes the most urgent and vital thing you can possibly do is take a complete rest.” ~ Ashleigh Brilliant

Monday, October 19, 2009

Week #4: To Do List, The Positives about Studying, & Ouch my Calf!

Wow this is a pretty late Monday post for me. There are several reasons but they aren’t too interesting so I’ll save you from them this time.  As always Monday’s post includes my To Do List for studying so let’s get that out of the way first.

Week #4: Human Anatomy Part #2 – Oct 19th-25th
•    Manual – Pages 45-63 - Rest of Chapter 2
•    Workbook – Pages 29-31 – Rest of Chapter 2
•    Master the Manual – Pages 9-20
•    Anatomy Book – Pages 35-171 & 200-213
•    Anatomy DVD
•    Audio – Chapter 2
•    Flash cards – Chapter 2

Yikes I got a lot of reading to do this week! This by far will be my most challenging week to get everything done.  Considering that right before I got to writing this post I was finishing up the last little bit of last week’s material by taking some quizzes on the different bones in the body I have a feeling that I’m likely going to have to extend this week’s To Do further than originally planned.  I’m not going to make that decision until I see where I am with things by mid week. If I got to extend this week I’ll be ok with that considering there is a lot of new material in this section that I have never been exposed to. I would rather add additional time then to end up missing questions on the certification test because I rushed.

Well as far as the first part of Human Anatomy it went pretty well. It was challenging the first read through of the material but after I went back and reviewed it a bit I feel like I got a handle on it. I know that I’m going to want to review it throughout my studying because I really want it to stick. Not too worried though cause there will be opportunities for me to test my comprehensive knowledge throughout my studying with the online study review quizzes. They are like mini-tests that combined a couple of chapters together.

I have to say this I’m starting to realize some changes I have made in my schedule that are things I have always wanted to try to do. The first one is that I admit that I watch way too much TV and now I’m watching a lot less, which is good. I still watch some but there is way less time with me just sitting here after work vegging out.  Prior to me starting this most nights during the week were spent staring at TV watching a lot of crap that I didn’t even care to just cause I didn’t have much else to do.

Another thing I like is that I actually feel like I’m being productive in my personal life other than just working out.  Now I am not knocking working out because I love it but I think it’s good that I feel like I’m accomplishing more than just physical gains in my strength.  Now my brain is getting a chance to make some gains as well. Having a structured program I’m following that allows me to test my knowledge retention has been good for me. I have been out of school for about 8 ½ years now and I didn’t realize how much I missed the structure of learning like this. Now that’s not to say I haven’t been learning in those 8 ½ years, but I haven’t had anything where my knowledge gets tested formally.  Since finishing school I have debated about going back for a Master’s several times but honestly the idea of getting back into a classroom doesn’t really appeal to me. I think that doing this Personal Training Certificate Study Program is just what I desired though because I do it on my own, at my own pace, and I don’t have all the unnecessary busy work that professors just love to assign.

 Something else that I have realized is that I’m procrastinating way less with things because I want to have time to study and not be stressed that I have something else I need to get done before I can get focused. This is huge for me because I swear if it is not work related I will procrastinate on it until the last second.  At work I will procrastinate occasionally but if it is something personal I will wait till the last possible second normally.

Ok switching gears a little bit now. So guess who is injured? Oh yeah that would be me! I pulled my calf muscle when I was doing my Wii Active workout this morning. Oh I failed to mention I have been doing the hard level the last couple workouts so I’m thinking I just bumped the intensity a little too soon.  I was in the middle and all of a sudden I got this strong tightness in my right calf. And what did I do? Oh yeah I kept going until I finished the workout. Yeah I’m an idiot sometimes!  Anyway, I’m going to take good care of it until it feels better.  Reminder to self: YOU ARE NOT SUPERWOMAN! It’s ok to work up to a higher level gradually.

Well I’m going to get going. It’s snack time and then there is some laundry calling my name to go fold it.

Quote of the day:
If you don't do what's best for your body, you're the one who comes up on the short end. ~ Julius Erving

Friday, October 16, 2009

2 Week Maintenance Update

So, I thought I would take an opportunity to talk a little bit about how maintenance is going for me. As some of you know I entered maintenance a little over 2 weeks ago once I received my results from the “Know Your Numbers” thing I went to at work. Check back to that post if you want more details.

Once I got those results I made the choice to stop attempting to loose weight and try to maintain where I am. The body fat percentage is really the number that made me make that choice because it is in a good range and I really don’t want to go too low since hopefully in the near future I’ll be looking to start a family and would really hate to find out my body fat was too low to conceive. The reading I got was 20.7 %, which if I round up, falls into low part of the healthy range for a fit woman in my age range. You can do some research and find that if a woman goes too low with her body fat she can loose her menstruation and it can affect her ability to conceive.

It is strange to say I’m in maintenance when my original goal weight I was working towards was 145lbs. I selected that weight because for my height it would put me at the upper limit of the normal range BMI for my height. Currently, according to BMI, I’m still considered overweight. However, it was explained to me that BMI isn’t always an accurate measure for everyone since it doesn’t take into account body composition. So for me in the last two weeks it has been a bit of a mental shift when I look at the scale’s reading. Before I was looking at my current weight as being so close to where I was suppose to be. Now I have been looking at it as where I need to stay because I’m at a healthy weight.

I’m happy to report over the 2 weeks I have been able to stay pretty consistent weight wise. Taking into consideration that my weight can fluctuate 1-2lbs from day to day I have been seeing my weight staying in the same range for the past two weeks. That’s right people I weigh everyday, but I have since the start. I am not one of those people who let the number have a huge effect on my mood for the day so I don’t find it to be an unhealthy behavior for me like some might. Prior to me trying to get healthy I never got on the scale because I was trying to stay in denial about my ever growing problem. I plan on getting on the scale everyday still because it’s going to be one of the ways I keep myself accountable. Plus, now it is such a habit for me to get on the thing every morning I think it would feel really strange not to. So I guess what I’m doing is working.

So what am I doing you ask? Well honestly it isn’t too different than what I had been doing the weeks before. I’m eating clean about 90% of the time and I’m getting in my workouts like always. I’m still focusing on my stress management plan, which means consistent sleep, taking time for myself everyday, talking things out, and getting in some “fun” every week. 

I know that changing my eating habit of 90-10 would lead to a backslide so I know I need to stay disciplined in that area. I think that because I lost the weight slowly (2yrs 10 months) that is to my advantage because I made changes gradually and took the time to really see what works for me nutritionally. I also have learned so much about the science behind nutrition that I also understand why I need to eat the way I do. I never made types of food off limits which has helped me in a lot of ways. I can still enjoy foods that might not fit the “healthy” category on occasion which really helped me get off the diet mindset and onto a lifestyle one instead. I think another big shift when it comes to food is that I admitted that I used food to cope with emotional crap in my life and worked towards finding other coping mechanisms for it. I’m sure in other posts I’ll go into my past a bit to talk about this further, but I’ll save that for another day.

As far as working out I’m following the plan I outlined in my post last week. The new routine is working well for me and I feel like I am becoming much more balanced with my fitness already. The craziest transformation for me over this journey is how I went from a very sedentary person to this very active person. I love working my body and being active. Heck, I’m to the point that when my rest day comes up I get a little sad because I know I’m not going to get all hot and sweaty that day. I might still get in a nice walk or another low level activity in that day but it just doesn’t give me the same rush I normally get. I love how I feel like I’m strong and I get excited when it’s time to bump up the resistance in my strength training. My activity level has really been something that those around me have been trying to get used to. They adjusted to my change in eating much easier than to my new activity level. I’m the one who is always trying to get my friends to do active things when we hang out, when before I was the one who was always suggesting very sedentary activities. Overall my friends are not very active so a lot of times they think I’m crazy but oh well I like my new crazy self!

Like I said above, the biggest change as been a mental one. It is kind of strange for me to look at myself in the mirror and think that I’m no longer trying to loose weight and that I’m in a healthy place. I have spent a large majority of my life being overweight and unhealthy that this new person I have become is a little bit of a stranger to me. I’m not going to lie there are still days when I look in the mirror and think that it is lying to me. Or I step on the scale and think it must be wrong. Those days happen less and less as time goes on but they still creep up. Those are the days I might break out the one pair of jeans and shirt I saved from my heaviest and try them on. Once I do that I snap out of thinking that the mirror or the scale is lying. I think that it’s just my mind sometimes hasn’t caught up to all the physical changes my body has gone through. Since going into maintenance, I now have had to shift from the thinking that I’m almost to my goal to I am there. I’m still in shock I made it because it takes a lot of conscience effort to say I’m there. I’m sure as time goes on that it will become automatic. Also, shifting from working towards the goal of losing weight to a goal of maintenance requires a different mindset.

Since I have went into maintenance I have shared that to several people in my life and their reactions have been interesting. Some have said they are really glad because they think I’m getting too thin. Some are really happy for me and have told me how inspirational I am. I find the getting too thin comment to be interesting for a couple of reasons. First off, I’m no where near what would be considered as too thin. Granted, with the fact that a majority of my country is overweight, I might appear as being thin but I fall into a healthy range and not even close to being underweight. Second, I look at those who are making that comment and I realize that they are all overweight themselves so to them I seem thin I guess. Which leads into my third thought that some of them say it out of their own insecurities and I say this because some of them are the ones who where saying I needed to stop loosing weight when I lost like 20lbs. Throughout it all I have been careful with how I take other’s comments because sometimes what they say is more about them than it really has to do with me. One of these days I’ll write about my thoughts on how our relationships with others can have an effect on our efforts to change to healthier habits, because I have a lot of thoughts on that.

Question: For those of you who are healthy or working towards it what kind of comments do you get from those in your life about the things you are doing to keep or work towards better health?

Well that is my maintenance update for now. I’m sure I’ll do these updates as time progresses. I think it will be interesting to see what other challenges I will face as I am working on maintaining my new healthy self.

Just a quick update on my studying before I go. This week has been pretty challenging. Even though it is just part one of human anatomy I feel like I have had a ton to learn. I finished up work with the Manual and the workbook. I’m going to be working on the Anatomy book stuff tonight and tomorrow and hopefully I’ll be ready to move on to the second part of this topic by Monday. This week also has been challenging because this weather (ie: rainy and just plain gray) has had an effect on my energy levels. When I get home I’m just feeling downright tired and that is when I do most of my studying. In a perfect world I would study in the morning hours but those are when I’m at work so that doesn’t work for me unless it is the weekend or I’m off. But I have been trying to work past the lower energy levels and still get in some good studying. I think it’s time for me to break out my light box for the winter season which will help with the energy thing because I’m starting to feel my Seasonal Affective Disorder symptoms kicking in.

Alright people I got to get going. Hope you all enjoy your weekend.

Quote of the day:
Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day. ~ Jim Rohn

Monday, October 12, 2009

Week #3: To Do List & New Workout Update

Good afternoon everyone! Got a little busy this morning so I had to wait to post until after work today. Well it’s Monday so that means my weekly study plan to do list post. Below is the list for this week.

Week # 3: Oct 12th -18th: Human Anatomy Part # 1
• Manual – Pages 29-44 – Chapter #2
• Workbook – Pages 19-28
• Anatomy Book – Pages 9-34 & 185-199

Seems like a small list for this week but this week and next week are the two weeks I’m most concerned about because it covers Anatomy, which is something I haven’t had much exposure to. I got a jump start on Saturday evening by reading the Manual pages for this week. My thoughts after reading that was “holy crap!” I’m hoping that working through the workbook will help me retain it a bit better because reading through it just made my head swim. So many medical terms that I’m not familiar with in what I read so I have a feeling I’m going to have to review this information a lot before I feel comfortable with it. I’m not letting this get me down though. I know I’m going to get it eventually, I just need to put the time in.

As far as Chapter 1 from last week I really feel comfortable with the information and when I did the Master the Manual stuff (which is set up like a big quiz) I got all of it correct and I felt really confident with the material. I’m trying to stay positive as I head into the first part of Chapter 2 by focusing on how well I was able to learn the first chapter.

Update on the new workout routine for you. I no longer am sore even though I have stuck with it and done a workout from the game every other day since last Tuesday. I did the longer workout on Saturday, which kicked my butt but I felt really great afterwards. I already feel like I’m getting stronger because my form on the moves is getting much better. So I think I’m on track with adding this to my routine.

Well time to get off here and get to studying for the day. Then I’m making dinner. I’ll leave you with the following question.

When trying to learn something new and challenging what things do you do to help retain the new information?

Quote of the Day:

“Never regard study as a duty but as an enviable opportunity to learn to know the liberating influence of beauty in the realm of the spirit for your own personal joy and to the profit of the community to which your later works belong.” ~ Albert Einstein

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Birthday Gift Realization

So thanks to a birthday gift my partner G got me I had a realization about my fitness that I thought I would share.

I’m super sore and have been since yesterday thanks to the Wii Game Active that G got me. If you aren’t familiar with the game it basically is this super cool personal training game that lets you customize things a bit by inputting some statistics about yourself. Once you set up a profile it will track your progress in a journal that you can refer back to. It has several preloaded workouts that range from full body workouts to more area/skill specific ones. There also is a 30 day challenge where you set goals for yourself and follow the workout program that it sets up for you. The thing I like about it is that it combines strength training and cardio in the full body workouts in a way that you are circuit training throughout. For more information check out the website.

Now this is not my first experience with the game. Back in early June a friend of mine had bought the game and used me as her guinea pig to try it out for her. My friend still hasn’t tried it out yet but I would need a whole other post to go into my thoughts on that. I was super sore from it back then too and spent the first couple days of my vacation (which started the day after I tried it out) pretty sore from it. You would think that if I was sore from it I wouldn’t have talked to G about getting the game over the last few months, but to me it was a signal that it would be a good addition to my workout activities. See to me if something gets me sore it means it is going to make me stronger if I do it on a regular basis.

Getting this game right now is perfect for me for a couple different reasons. First off as the weather is starting to get colder I will be doing less bike riding outside. Granted, I have an indoor trainer that I can ride on inside but it just isn’t as fun for me. Second is that for the past couple months I have been trying to come up with a strategy to diversify my workouts because I know I need it. I love bike riding and it serves and my primary form of exercise. I do some strength training but only upper body stuff, which is something I added into my routine this past summer. Just looking at my legs you would think I did strength training because they are very muscular and toned but they are in serious need of training besides my bike riding. How do I know this? Well if you take a look at them you will see that the muscles that I use for riding are not in proportion with the rest of my leg muscles.

The realization of just how much I need to cross train my body has become very evident with this soreness I am currently experiencing. I used the game on Tuesday and woke up yesterday morning super sore. You should have seen me walking around work I looked like fragile elderly woman and my students were getting a kick out of it. This morning I still was a bit sore but a little less than yesterday. When I did the game for the second time this morning I felt pretty good during the workout. I am a bit sore now and expect I will be until my body gets used to this new activity.

I pride myself for being as fit as I am currently. I get at least 30 mins of bike riding in 6 days a week with some days as long as an hour. I also do upper body strength training every other day. I try to have one active rest day a week where I will go for a walk or do some other kind of light exercise so that my body can repair itself. But waking up the day after I completed the 30 min easy full body workout on this game with so much soreness I realize that I need to change things up to reach a more balanced fitness level.

So how am I going to change things up? Well here is my plan.

  • Ride my bike on the trainer 2-3 times a week so that I still keep up my body in shape for riding.
  • Use the game then 3 days a week to work on total body workouts. I will vary between the preloaded workouts to keep things interesting and challenging.
  • Every other day upper body strength training with my free weights and resistance bands
  • Keep one active rest day a week.
  • After a month I’ll assess where I am and make any changes if needed

I think that this plan will get me on my way to a more balanced fitness level, which is what I am looking to do. I also think that this will help keep me on track with my exercise throughout the winter, which is something I struggle with because of the cold weather keeping me from being out on my bike.

On the study front things are going well. I have all the reading done, the workbook stuff completed. I’m working on the master the manual stuff later tonight. I really have been enjoying the material and feel like my study strategies are working well because I feel like I am retaining the information pretty well. I will find out though tonight when I take the review quiz in the master the manual materials as well as when I do the online review.

Alright time to get back to the rest of my day. I’ll leave you with the following questions.

What do you do to stay balanced with your fitness level?
How do you change things up when you realize you need to?

Quote of the day:
"People's minds are changed through observation and not through argument." ~ Will Rogers

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

College Weight Gain Thoughts

So, I thought I would share a comment I left on a blog I read all the time, MizFitOnline.com, in response to her post today on college and weight gain. Gives you an idea of my thoughts on the topic and figured I would share it with my readers as well.

“Ah college….yup it’s where I put the majority of my weight on that lead to me to be morbidly obese in my 20’s. Once I was in that environment where I was making choices about my eating habits on my own I got a bit out of control. When in high school I had parents who where making a lot of those choices for me so when I got to college I really went crazy with having a bunch of unhealthy things my parents didn’t allow us to have growing up. Wasn’t until I educated myself on what makes a healthy meal plan that I figured out how to mange that. Also, recognizing activity is an important part of health also was helpful.

It is interesting now because I currently work and live on a college campus as my job. I observe my students and it is no wonder many of them put on the “freshman 15″ and then some. Many of them don’t know how to cook even though they have full kitchens in their apartments. Honestly, food service on campus isn’t too bad because there are healthy choices but many of our students are choosing the not so healthy choices. The lifestyle choices they make such as sleep patterns, stress management, physical fitness and use of alcohol are contributing to the issue for many of them.

Part of my position is to provide educational programming to help students learn about some of these things. I always have at least one program each semester that covers health/nutrition/ fitness. Also many of my students have watched me go from morbidly obese to fit which has had a positive impact on some of them. One of my student staff members has lost over 70lbs by joining me on the journey to better health.

My advice to parents of future college students would be to take the time to teach your children the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle including nutrition. My advice to current students would be to take the time to learn the fundamentals to healthy living by seeking out the many campus resources that are likely available on your campus.”

So do you have any thoughts on the subject? I would love to hear them.

Quote of the day:
"Students must have initiative; they should not be mere imitators. They must learn to think and act for themselves--and be free." ~ Cesar Chavez

Monday, October 5, 2009

Week # 2 – To Do Study Plan List/Happy Birthday to Me

Good morning everyone! Well it’s Monday so that means To Do list for the week posting. So let’s get to that.

Week #2: Oct 5th – Oct 11th: Chapter #1 Exercise Physiology
• Manual – Chapter #1: Pages 1-27
• Workbook – Pages 9-18
• Master the Manual – Pages 1-8
• Audio – Chapter #1
• Flashcards – Chapter #1
• Online Review – Chapter # 1

So as you can see I’m actually getting into the material this week. Last week was just reading of the introductions to the different materials as well as the ACE Code of Ethics. I’m pretty sure I got the Code of Ethics down. I had made some flashcards so that I could review it and get it to stick. It also will be easier for me to review it with them.

I have to confess I already read Chapter # 1 yesterday. I had some time on my hands so I figured I would put good use to it, especially since next weekend I have plans on Sunday and won’t get a chance to get much studying in on that day. So my impression of Chapter #1 is it really went into detail about the science behind how cardio, strength training, and flexibility training effects the body. I found it very interesting, but I always loved science in school so that isn’t so surprising to me. I am glad this study course includes the workbook and other study materials because it gives me some really good tools for me to retain the information. For the rest of the week I’ll concentrate on using those tools to retain everything I read yesterday.

As you see from the title today is my birthday. I’m 31 years young today! I’m one of the older people in my friend circle so I’m getting lots of teasing about being old. My favorite being that now I’m on the down hill to 40. Ha Ha! You know, I find it funny that I get teased because honestly I feel younger now than I did when I turned 21. Because my health is in such a better place compared to then I am in a better place physically, mentally, and emotionally. The most ironic thing is that I might be the older one of the group but my health is better than all of those who are younger than me, so if I had to guess I feel younger than any of them.

Well I took the next two days off to enjoy some personal time for my birthday. My partner G is off from work so we will get the next two days of some quality time together. G is also cooking dinner tonight and we are having some friends over to celebrate. G doesn’t really cook too often and she is nervous about it but I told her she doesn’t need to worry because I’m going to be right here if she needs to ask questions. She has a recipe to follow so I think she will be fine without my assistance. She always claims she can’t cook but I think it’s just that she doesn’t have the confidence because she just doesn’t do it too often. Every other time she has prepared a meal for us it has turned out well so I have no worries about tonight. Now that we are living together I think she is going to learn more cooking because she sees me making meals all the time.

So what’s on the menu for tonight you ask? Flank steak in a tomato sauce with roasted potatoes, some steamed broccoli, and of course some birthday cake. My friends that are coming over are bringing the cake. I’m looking forward to enjoying some good food and good company for my birthday. And you better believe I’m having some of that cake! That’s one thing I have done throughout my whole journey to better health, which is I do allow myself to have some treats. I have been pretty good about managing how often I allow treats in my food plan. I follow a 90-10 principle, meaning I try to eat clean about 90% of the time. Now that I’m in maintenance I plan on still following this principle because I know that eating clean isn’t just about weight loss but it’s about keeping me healthy.

Anyway I’m going to get going so I can enjoy the day. Hope you all had a great weekend.

Quote of the day:

“Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest. “ ~ Larry Lorenzoni

Thursday, October 1, 2009

" Know Your Numbers"

Well yesterday I got some fabulous news related to my health and I just wanted to share it here on my blog since I’m super excited about it.

I participated in “Know Your Numbers” which is something that the University I work for co-sponsors every year with our health insurance company. As you probably can guess this is where you can find out what your numbers are related to your health. Ok so below are my numbers:

Height: 63.5 inches (yeah I’m a shorty)
Weight: 154.6lbs
Body fat: 20.7% (see below for my reaction to this news)
Waist circumference: 34 inches
Blood Pressure: 114/72
Pulse: 58
Random Blood Sugar: 91
Total Cholesterol: 106
HDL Cholesterol: 35
Cholesterol Ratio: 3.0

So as you can see my numbers are pretty much awesome (except the HDL which is low), especially when you consider where I likely was 3 years ago. I can’t really give you the numbers from back then because honestly I don’t remember them but I know my numbers is all areas where horrible.

Like I said a moment ago my HDL is low, which is my good cholesterol but the woman explained because my total and ratio is excellent I don’t really need to worry about it. If I had to guess my low HDL is more because of genetics because both my parents have low HDL numbers, but their total and ratio are not the best. My nutrition is on target as well as my activity level for having good HDL numbers so genetics are the only thing that makes sense to me about this.

Ok so to the body fat number. Before the woman showed me what it was I totally cut her off and explained I knew I needed to work on that. The woman looked at me like I was crazy and told me I actually was in a very healthy range with it. I guess I assumed my body fat wasn’t the greatest because of two things. First is that my scale is set up to take body fat readings and has been reading 31% lately….boy is that thing inaccurate! And second because my BMI calculation shows me in the overweight category, I just assumed my body fat was higher. She said that those home scales can be so inaccurate with body fat measures so she wasn’t surprised when I told her about my scales reading. She also explained that BMI isn’t always a good measure especially for people like me who are very active and have a higher muscle percentage than the average person. Whoa…wait I’m very active? I guess I am considering I get 6 days of cardio in and 3 sessions of strength training in a week. Compared to the average person I get a lot more activity apparently. She continued to explain that I really don’t need to loose anymore weight because I was in a healthy place. Ok hold on wait a minute did a health professional just tell me I don’t need to loose weight? Did I hear that right? When she said that I wanted do cartwheels!

So, I guess that means I can start focusing on maintenance instead of being in weight loss mode. Wow that just kind of snuck up on me as I still thought I had some more weight to get off and figured that was going to take a couple of more months. Well I now understand why the scale has been so slow moving, because my body was kind of telling me that it was at a good place. I just wasn’t listening.

I have thought a lot about maintenance over the past 6 months or so because I knew I was approaching it but now I’m kind of nervous it’s arrived. I don’t have too much of a reason to be nervous though. I know that not much will need to change with my eating or workout habits for me to maintain. I guess its just not having the goal of loosing more weight is going to be a weird transition in my mind. Granted my new goal is maintaining but that has a lot different focus on it because you aren’t seeing changes occurring like weight loss brings. I think that I started to working on my Personal Training Certificate at the perfect time because now that can be where I will see changes occurring because as I progress through it I will see my skill set and knowledge expand. I’m a strong believer in everything happens for a reason and starting this just around the time I found out that maintenance had arrived seems like it fits into that.

Speaking of the Personal Training thing, just to update my studying is going well. I’m only on the introduction stuff which hasn’t been a ton of work. I really have been trying to review the ACE code of ethics so that I can retain that since there was a question about it on the sample test. Plus, it never hurts to actually know the ethics that are set forth for what you are doing. Next week I will actually get into the first chapter of the material, which I think will give me a better idea of the challenges I’m going to face while studying.

Well I think I should get going…dinner isn’t going to make itself!

Quote of the Day:

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” ~ Robert Francis Kennedy