Saturday, September 26, 2009

Special Delivery

Happy Saturday everyone!

So yesterday afternoon I got a special delivery. That’s right people, the training materials that I ordered for my Personal Training Certification arrived. Only took a few days to get here, which always makes me a happy camper cause I so hate waiting for things to get shipped to me. Guess that’s why I prefer shopping in a store instead of online. Oh wait, what does that say about me….instant gratification seeker? Yeah, likely true. Although, since starting my journey to better health I have learned that life just doesn’t work that way. Seems to me that the important things in life seem to require time and hard work.

Alright, so back to business. So I ripped into the box as soon as I got it home so I could see that everything that I ordered was in there. Which thankfully it all was. Let me give you the break down of what I got:

• Personal Trainer Manual
• Study Guide
• Master the Manual Workbook
• Audio CD that covers all the chapters
• Flashcards for all the chapters
• Anatomy textbook with CD
• Anatomy DVD
• 12 & 20 week study plans
• Product catalog & a couple brochures for Continuing Education materials
• Advertisement for a Conference they are holding in November

So my first impressions of the materials when I saw them was that they were professional looking and well organized. I flipped through the Manual and other books and I like how they have them organized and feel like that will help me learn the material.

I have made the choice to go with the 20 week study plan. First, because some of this is going to be completely new to me (ie. Anatomy). Second, because with all the other things I have going on with my life I want to be able to dedicate the time needed without totally getting myself overwhelmed. And third, my personal time line for my goal of getting certified is by the end of May. Which with the 20 week program I still will be far ahead of that time line.

So this morning after I got my normal morning routine done, ( breakfast, cardio & strength training, and some facebook addictions out of the way) I sat down and reviewed the 20 week study plan. I wrote out a To Do list for every week starting this Monday through week 19. Week 20 will be a review week. So if all goes according to plan I will be ready to take the test in mid-Feburary. There is only 2 weeks in the schedule I’m a little concerned about because the amount of material to be covered seems like a whole lot but I’m sure I’ll figure out a way to learn the material. Hell if I need to I’ll just extend those weeks if I need to. I’m really excited about the fact that I’m going to get to go at my own pace. I always struggled when I was in college in a classroom because you were forced to go the same pace everyone else did. I would get bored out of my mind cause I was normally ready to move forward sooner than the professor was. Probably the reason that I was normally the class clown cause I was always bored.

In addition to studying ,some time during these 20 weeks I’m going to have to get CPR/AED certified since it is required to be able to take the test. I already contacted our campus police officer who does training here about trying to get that set up, but I need to find a couple more staff members that want to do it with me before he can do the training. If, for some reason I can’t find others I do have the option of going off campus to get it done. My hope is to do it here on campus cause as a staff member I don’t have to pay for the training since it is viewed as professional development. Ah the benefits of working at a University!

Anyway, so as far as this blog is concerned I’m going to post every Monday my to-do list for the week and then through out the week I’ll post about how it is going. Likely, I’ll be also writing about other random health/fitness/weight management stuff as well as my own health journey progress as time permits.

Well I’m off to enjoy the rest of my Saturday. See you on Monday!

Quote of the day:
“You've got to get up every morning with determination if you're going to go to bed with satisfaction. ~ George Lorimer

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  1. Love the quote.

    Good luck with the study plan. I can't wait to hear about your journey! IT's a great idea. Follow your dreams :)